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Ball Milling EquipmentSHIMPO PTA Ball Mills

Ball mills have been used for decades to grind and mix materials used in the ceramic industry. SHIMPO's heavyduty ball milling machines enable very precise milling, in porcelain jars, even for relatively tough materials, wet or dry. SHIMPO ball mills have a compact design that is ideal for small-scale production and is constructed using powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability. The PTA-01 accommodates one jar, the PTA-02 can handle two jars. Easy adjustments can be made to the sturdy roller bars to accommodate jars from 1-liter to 10-liters. Each milling machine comes standard with a breaker switch.

SHIMPO's Ball Mill Rack Attachment for the Whisper wheel series is a great investment for potters who would like a ball mill and would also like to save space. The ball mill attachment fits on any Whisper pottery wheel with a 12" wheel-head.

One to ten liter Porcelain Jars are also available to complete your milling needs. Every jar comes with the porcelain balls needed for milling.

PTA-01 Price: $1,060.00 — PTA-02 Price: $1,325.00 — Ball Mill Rack Attachment Price: $508.80

*US retail price only

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PTA-01 / PTA-02 Ball Mills
Heavy-duty Milling Machine Enables very precise milling
Compact Design Ideal for small-scale production
Model Construction Powder-coated steel for long-lasting durability
Breaker Switch Standard
Roller Bars Heavy duty, easy adjustable roller bars accommodate jars from 1 - 10 liters
Ball Mill Rack Attachment
Heavy-duty Milling Precise milling with variable speed milling
Compact Design Space-saving / folding design lets you use your wheel for throwing without detaching the rack
Model Construction Heavy-duty cast iron
Wheel Attachment Fits on any SHIMPO pottery wheel with a 12" wheel-head (Excludes M1)
Porcelain Jars
1-Liter Jar Includes about 50 balls ranging from ½" - 1" in diameter (Mixed)
2-Liter Jar Includes about 40 balls ranging from ¾" - 1 ¼" in diameter (Mixed)
3-Liter Jar Includes about 40 balls ranging from 1" - 1 ¼" in diameter (Mixed)
5-Liter Jar Includes about 60 balls ranging from 1" - 1 ¼" in diameter (Mixed)
10-Liter Jar Includes 120 balls ranging from 1" - 1 ¼" in diameter (Mixed)
PTA-01 Ball Mill
Motor 115V (60Hz) 180W
Dimensions 21" x 17" x 14"
Ship Weight 66 lbs.
PTA-02 Ball Mill
Motor 115V (60Hz) 180W
Dimensions 38" x 17" x 14"
Ship Weight 88 lbs.
Ball Mill Rack Attachment (Fits VL-Whisper or RK-Whisper with a 12" wheel-head)
Model Wheel attachment (Does not fit M-1)
Porcelain Jars
1-Liter Internal Capacity: 64.0 rpm - Dimensions: 8 ½” H x 5 ¾” Dia
2-Liter Internal Capacity: 53.4 rpm - Dimensions: 9 ½” x H x 7” Dia
3-Liter Internal Capacity: 45.7 rpm - Dimensions: 11” H x 8” Dia
5-Liter Internal Capacity: 40.0 rpm - Dimensions: 12 ½ H x 9 ½” Dia
10-Liter * 32.0 rpm - Dimensions: 14 ¾” H x 12” dia (Note: *Special order only)
Ball Milling Equipment data sheet  

Ball Milling Equipment data sheet

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